HandleOrForward Router

HandleOrForward Router is the entry point of a request in your Suuchi based application. It uses a RoutingStrategy implementation to decide which nodes in the cluster are eligible for handling the current request. It also takes care of forwarding the request to that particular node and returning the response back to the client.

Since there isn't any SPOC (Single Point of Contact) in the system, any node in the cluster can handle or forward any request automatically. This makes the whole operations of the systems very easy. You can setup a load balancer as an entry point to your app backed by all the nodes in the cluster.

Refer #23, #11 and #2 on how HandleOrForward Router is implemented. TBD - Explain with pictures on how it works.


RoutingStrategy forms the heart of HandleOrForward router. Out of the box Suuchi comes with the following routing strategies

Custom Routers

RoutingStrategy trait is defined as follows

trait RoutingStrategy {
   * Decides if the incoming message should be forwarded or handled by the current node.
   * @tparam ReqT Type of the input Message
   * @return  Some(MemberAddress) - if the request is meant to be forwarded
   *          <p> None - if the request can be handled by the current node
  def route[ReqT]: PartialFunction[ReqT, Option[MemberAddress]]

Any implementations of that trait can be passed to HandleOrForward Router.