Quick Start

  1. Clone the repository https://github.com/ashwanthkumar/suuchi-getting-started on your local machine.

  2. Run mvn clean compile to generate the proto stubs for the project.

  3. Import the project into your favorite IDE.

  4. Create 3 Run configurations for DistributedKVServer main method with different arguments as 5051, 5052 and 5053 and start them all.

  5. Open SuuchiClient.scala and run it to see them in action.

  6. That's it! - you've now built a distributed, partitioned and replicated memory backed KVStore.

See the Replication in Action

  1. Change the port from 5051 to 5052 and stop the 5051 DistributedKVServer instance.

  2. Remove the client.put(...) from the SuuchiClient to avoid writes into the cluster.

  3. Now start the client's main method again, this time the reads should go through fine.